StarLeaf make VC easier with Pronto

StarLeaf is launching its new service Pronto, it allows users to join video meetings and screen share in an instant.

Video conferencing users often waste valuable time struggling to join a meeting using the room system. Some video conferencing room system vendors have adopted a one-button-to-push approach to join a meeting. However, this only works if the meeting room is booked at the time of scheduling the meeting.

With StarLeaf Pronto, when a user enters the room, users connect StarLeaf Pronto to their laptop computer, which automatically recognizes the user’s calendar and synchronizes any meetings with the room. Users can join meetings in an instant, even if the room was not booked in advance.

With its smart dual connector, StarLeaf Pronto supports both USB-A and USB-C and works with all Windows and Mac laptop computers.

“Our commitment to transforming the way enterprises converse, connect, and communicate means that employees are empowered to collaborate more effectively and remain securely at the forefront of working practices. With StarLeaf Pronto, users can intuitively meet, connect, and share in an instant,” commented Kevin Bernitz, VP Product Management, StarLeaf.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine