Start with mobile first in 2013

Integrated Change.Net, a Digital Business Consultancy have launched their new desktop, mobile and tablet website for 2013 and hope that the message of the mobile movement is now loud and clear to companies in the UK.

The mobile movement started many years ago and companies are now only just waking up to the fact that their customers browsing habits and behaviour has changed and are now mobile than ever before.

Integrated Change.Net bring with them over 15 years of experience in the IT and Digital sector, providing consultancy and project management to digital agencies and companies UK wide.

The website is designed specifically for smartphone, tablet and desktop users with a consistent but tailored experience for each device.

Scott Hague states, “Its important to understand whom your digital customer is, what they want and how they want it. Without this intelligence, you will be flying blind, providing a poor user experience and missing out on an opportunity”

Integrated know that their customers are accessing the website from a varying number of devices, throughout the entire day by regularly checking the analytics of the site and advise that companies do the same.

With smartphone ownership now surpassing the 50% mark in the UK along with 49% of people searching on their smartphone everyday, its no surprise that Integrate Change.Net feel so strongly about the need for companies to change in 2013.

Scott Hague, Managing Director of Integrated Change.Net said “we are advocates for change and embrace technology but only if it can prove its worth and provide meaningful business benefits with a measurable return from the investment. Our objective for the website was always clear right from the off. Start with mobile first and work backwards.”

With nearly 20% of all Internet traffic now coming from mobile devices; companies can’t afford to ignore their mobile customers while the competition is building a foundation of loyal mobile customers.

Smartphones are just one consideration says Scott Hague. “With over 15% of European smartphone owners having a tablet such as an iPad or Nexus 7, in 2013 we’ll see the term ‘second screen’ becoming more widely adopted as users now engage with media across multiple devices. The experience however for the user needs to be consistent but tailored for each device.

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