Startup XTECH emerges from lockdown

XTECH has merged from stealth mode with a bold ambition to bring a more human focussed approach back to the IT sales channel. The brainchild of former LAN3 founder Steve Thompson, XTECH’s mission is to bring a new wave of intelligent cloud solutions and services to mid-market organisations – powered by innovation, driven by relationships and fuelled by great customer experience.

Thompson is an experienced sales leader with over 22 years in senior IT sales roles. Most recently he spent 12 years as founder and sales director at LAN3, where he was instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success, generating over £50m in sales revenue over the period.

“I loved the journey at LAN3 and am extremely proud of what I achieved working alongside some great people”, commented Steve Thompson, founder and director of XTECH. “But I felt it was time to move on to a new challenge. The technology world was changing. The way organisations were consuming IT was changing. And the way that technology buyers wanted to be sold to was changing. That’s why I founded XTECH, a new generation of IT reseller for the intelligent cloud era.”

XTECH’s vendor portfolio of technologies include next gen cybersecurity; unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS); cloud driven networking; cloud managed wireless and software defined networking. It has also added a number of new and emerging vendors to its roster, with disruptive technologies in storage; data management; disaster recovery; cloud optimisation; insider threat detection and response; as well as an AI driven safeguarding solution.

Supporting these technologies requires specialist expertise together with technical and engineering resource on demand. To address this XTECH has created the ‘X-Alliance’, an uber-esque model of accredited and validated experts providing an ‘engineer-as-a-service’ offering to ensure customers get the right resource, at the right time to deliver the right result. This elastic approach allows XTECH to optimise capacity and resource for when customers need it and not have it sat idle when they don’t, fitting with its lean growth philosophy.

“I believe future business success won’t be determined by how big you are but by how smart you operate,” explained Thompson. “If you deliver great customer experience the bottom line will look after itself. In recent years the IT sector has become sterile and intense, giving rise to questionable sales and marketing techniques such as pushy, persistent selling and interruption-based marketing. It’s time for a mindset change, to engage with customers in the way they want, when they want, and how they want. Let customers drive their own destiny. Above all it’s time to make IT fun again!”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine