Stone Group launches new services

ICT solutions provider Stone Group has announced the launch of IT Scale, offering device as a service (DaaS) and infrastructure/wireless as a service (IaaS/WaaS) in a flexible, monthly subscription model.

The new offering provides businesses and public sector organisations with the means to scale their DaaS or IaaS/WaaS subscriptions up or down depending on changing business conditions or operational needs.

The company said it expects the move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model to give organisations access to the latest IT hardware, software, and services with an added layer of flexibility.

Chris Hykin (pictured), technical services director at Stone Group, explained, “We have launched IT Scale to offer an affordable and scalable approach to IT asset management. It will allow our customers to keep their devices or infrastructure services for as long as they like, upgrade them as needed or return them at any point if they no longer in use. Our monthly subscription cost scales as customers expand or reduce their device or infrastructure requirements. There are no three-year budget peaks for upgrades, as IT Scale allows businesses to refresh as they need to.

“As we continue to face economic uncertainty, transitioning to a service-based model means organisations can eliminate any high initial investments from their IT budgets. Instead, end-user hardware updates are easy to forecast and businesses can give their teams the tech they need at a lower, more manageable cost.”

IT Scale provides cloud-based access to a fully managed infrastructure service for wired, wireless, security, surveillance, and mobile device management (MDM).

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