Stop Look and Learn with Nimans

Distributor Nimans is getting closer to Siemens resellers by launching educational workshops designed to better equip them to thrive in a tougher economic climate.

The first Product Overview events take place at Nimans’ Manchester headquarters on March 31st and April 1st, with lunch provided. Nimans’ Siemens Business Manager, Yvonne Tierney-Neave says other free workshops will follow in Milton Keynes, London and Scotland.

“We recognise the tougher world in which our customers are operating and want to work closer with them, so that they are fully equipped to not just survive but thrive,” said Yvonne. “It is about listening to our customers and highlighting to them how the growing Siemens product portfolio can play a fundamental role in their business success.”

Before joining Nimans, Siemens’ current Distributor of the Year, Tierney-Neave spent seven years with the manufacturer, and added: “We will showcase the full product range, across all ends of the market, particularly on the mobility side – highlighting a new suite of applications which runs right across the portfolio, so dealers see the full picture of what Nimans can offer.

“This is a new initiative which will take place on a regular basis. We want to invest in our customers, better understand the issues they face and show them the solutions available. We want to help them sell through the recession, identify new opportunities and maximise sales potential.”

Tierney-Neave concluded: “Everything we do at Nimans is underpinned by exceptional levels of technical support, massive stock holding and market leading logistics. It’s what differentiates us.”

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