Storacall Launch Mobile Recording

The dominance of mobile communication in the business sphere is growing so rapidly that most companies (especially where it is legally applicable) want to record mobile voice calls made by their employees when away from the office. Accordingly it is logical to consider the possibility of extending voice recording from standard landlines to include mobile calls too.

This proliferation of mobile technology has created record keeping and compliance challenges and the Storacall MVR has therefore been created to allow businesses to log and store all their mobile voice calls safely on a central server. Storacall MVR is very simple to use, yet has the ability to record conversations of any length and organize them quickly and easily for immediate access via a web interface! Full details of each recording are available including outgoing/incoming, call time and date stamp, caller/recipient’s mobile number and duration of the call.

After being installed and configured on a mobile phone, the MVR application seamlessly operates in the background in real time with all recordings being sent automatically to a central repository through any defined internet connection. The user can customize recording settings including turning on/off a voice prompt message and a warning beep. In addition the application has a secure storage environment guaranteed by encryption/decryption mechanisms and all calls are stored as secure data files only accessible by authorized persons. Automatic archiving is via GPRS/3G/WLAN.

This technology allows financial and insurance companies or any other business groups to significantly extend their secure and legal transacting ability by recording conversations with clients for later reference, while working “on-the-run” or working externally due to a pandemic crisis or other situation.

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