Storacall Lower Call Recording Costs

According to Storacall IP call recording and monitoring costs have traditionally been high and in many cases it has proved more cost effective to stick with the traditional methods of call recording.

The company says “Not anymore” as they launch their VoiStore IPS recording solution, which they say will set a new industry benchmark for IP recording prices.

‘We have looked at the market and bearing in mind IP call recording does not require expensive traditional recording cards the high prices for IP call recording seems illogical. Accordingly we wanted to set new standards within this marketplace and have today launched the new VoiStore IPS pricing structure’ said Graham Leighton – Director of Storacall Voice Systems.

This makes VoiStore IPS call recording significantly less expensive than analog or digital recording solutions with Voistore IPS typically 50% less expensive than the current market IP recording prices and around 35% less expensive than legacy PBX recording solutions

Voistore IPS is available in Compact format covering 4 to 32 channels and Enterprise covering up to 240 channels and dealer transfer prices start at under £2,000.

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