Storacall Power up Panasonic KXTD with UltraVox

Storacall has developed an enhancement to the Panasonic KXTD’s call processing abilities, utilising Storacall’s UltraVox ACD system say that together with Panasonic’s feature rich TAPI, users can now have enhanced services.

The UltraVox system answers all calls, routes and queues them to any user on the Panasonic system. The status of the users is continuously monitored via TAPI ensuring fast call processing. Agents can use any Panasonic phone or analogue phone. Login & out is managed by the UltraVox as is all the queuing, reassurance prompts, greetings, messages and statistics.

A full range of standard and advanced reports are available as well as an optional report editor.
The UltraVox responds directly to the DDI numbers received allowing multiple queues on a minimum number of lines. Once calls are processed the ports are released for further use thereby allowing a high call rate at minimal cost. Management of the entire system is via PC based system consoles. Optional Wallboards are available displaying queue length, calls waiting and a host of other statistics.

The addition of Ultravox to the Panasonic ensures that all incoming telephone calls are handled efficiently by structuring the way in which callers queue for operators, extensions or departments. It answers and processes incoming telephone calls by providing callers with a menu of queue options, with choices such as: Queue for an operator or department, select information announcements, or leave a message. The menu can be played to callers before they join the queue, and repeated at predetermined intervals, as they move up the queue. Callers can select alternative actions using their telephone keypad

With an UltraVox callers aren’t trapped in a queue, waiting to be dealt with. They can take control of their call, and may even be able to obtain the information they require without speaking to an operator. Callers have control of their call within the queue and managers have full visibility of queue status.

The Ultravox supports up to 99 queue templates. Each template is a complete description of how the caller will be treated and allows different departments within an organisation to specify their requirements while sharing a single system. Before the caller is transferred, the operator may be played an information message as to which queue the caller originated from or how long they have waited.

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