Strategic IT Decision Making from Colt

Colt has launched what they say is Europe’s first online reporting tool expressly designed to improve organisations’ visibility into the ultra-high bandwidth networking environments that are essential to support today’s bandwidth-intensive mission-critical applications, and storage and business continuity solutions.

Previously only available with IP services, this web-based tool enables companies to address a critical business concern – how to effectively gain meaningful insight from oceans of organisational data to and then apply this information to advance overall corporate objectives. As a result, end-users can better use this information to inform strategic IT decision-making.

The tool is available for Colt High Speed Service (HSS) customers across 13 European countries, the web-based performance tool acts as a filter for the mass of data generated from these ultra-high bandwidth networks. It will help customers diagnose and remedy performance issues and make decisions on how to develop and configure their network. It provides key measures including network throughput, latency, availability and error rate via a range of standard and customisable reports.

Andy Radley, Bandwidth Products & Services Manager at Colt said: “Data is growing at a phenomenal rate driven by regulatory compliance, bandwidth hungry applications and user demand for real-time information. Already telecoms and IT managers are telling us that this volume of data generates more statistics than they can make sense of, and a recent Berkeley University study predicts the world is producing 25 per cent more new information every year. This is why simplification is so critical for our customers, and why Colt developed our new performance tool—the first of its kind to become available across Europe. It is now finally easier for businesses to gain a meaningful view of their network and applications performance and better understand where additional value can be added.”

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