Strategic Unifies Broadband Provision

Strategic Imperatives has extended its Elevate Platform to provide an on demand unified provisioning and order management interface to multiple network operators. The Elevate Platform already underpins SI’s award winning WLR3 implementation used by over 500 communications providers (CPs).

Following a major investment program the platform has been extended to enable provision across multiple networks with the initial roll out supporting broadband via BT Wholesale WBC and IP Stream as well as Talk Talk Business and Vodafone MPF/SMPF products. Work is already underway to consume other B2B interfaces as well as enhancing the SI provisioning portal to provide a single order journey across network providers.

SI have created a single, simple, unified interface (API) that empowers CPs to more easily integrate with and consume services from multiple network providers as well as allowing easy migration of services between them. Supporting the CP with full documentation and sandboxed development and testing environment, SI’s Elevate Platform greatly reduces the effort required by CPs to integrate with one or more network suppliers.

SI’s Head of Business Development, Tim Sayer said, “Broadening our platform to include multiple carriers is a significant step towards our vision of creating a truly unified interface for the converged communications community. Our aim is to enable rapid and cost effective establishment across multiple suppliers with streamlined automation and a simplified technology stack”

One of the key challenges facing CPs is being able to provide choice of both network and connectivity technologies seamlessly by automating the full order life cycle with multiple network providers. Network providers have conflicting access technologies, protocols, release cycles, processes and varying quality of support and QA environments. This means CPs are resorting to a multitude of portals and old-fashioned paper based ordering resulting in slow, error prone and resource intensive backend processes.

Tim explained, “Elevate now offers a single, unified interface that provides CPs with the opportunity to easily consume various connectivity technologies from multiple network providers. We are massively reducing the CPs development effort and shielding them from downstream changes to the suppliers’ interfaces.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine