Success For Suffolk Telecoms Contact Centre

Ansaback, the Suffolk-based bureau contact centre, has just achieved a significant milestone by signing up their 60th telecoms client. Requiring 24/7 support, this new client is the latest addition to take advantage of the exceptional service that Ansaback is renowned for.

Providing communications companies with round the clock support, Ansaback encompasses a range of products from lines and broadband; to VOIP and mobile; to raising the fault with the relevant carrier or provider.

Matthew Taylor, Telecoms Manager at Ansaback, said: “Ansaback has been providing telecoms solutions for over six years now, and we are delighted that this venture has been so successful. We started off with just one solitary client raising line faults on eCo Repair, and this has steadily increased to our current total of 60 clients using more than 10 different portals. We continue to work extremely hard on behalf of our clients to ensure that we are providing a seamless experience to the caller; in many cases replicating the service that the client provides in-house.

Ansaback agents have undergone telecoms training, to ensure that they are able to handle and report fault calls. Thanks to our in-house software solutions provider, CallScripter, agents are able to handle incoming and outbound calls in a friendly manner; proactively tracking a fault from start to finish to ensure that they are cleared as quickly as possible, whilst keeping the end user updated at all times.”

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