Successful Launch for NeoVoice

Last month saw the launch of what is said to be a completely unique mobile recording solution called NeoVoice.

NeoVoice mobile recording allows companies to record GSM mobile conversations in the same way as they record land line calls to and from their call centre or communications system. The device connects into any PRI, BRI or SIP compatible call recording system (subject to compatibility testing), thus in most instances there is no need to replace legacy call recorders. It can also be supplied together with compatible call recorders to provide a turn key solution to record all of an organisation’s important telephone calls. From emergency situations to verbal contracts, to simply monitoring the quality (and quantity) of a mobile workforce, NeoVoice overcomes a problem that has previously been insurmountable. With the caller keeping the same mobile number the beauty of this solution is the customer is not even aware that any change has occurred.

When a company mobile user answers a call, it will automatically be recorded on the call recorder. The system can give an announcement before calls are answered on the mobile phones informing callers that the call is being recorded. Outbound calls that are made from the users’ contacts (if using a “Smart-Phone”) are automatically recorded without the need for any actions from the user. Even standard mobile phone users only need to dial NeoVoice’s DISA feature to ensure that the call will be recorded.

Justin Blaine, MD of NeoWave adds, “The launch of NeoVoice has been met enthusiastically by the industry, with more and more people working remote from the office, the introduction of a mobile recording solution has been long over due.”

Formally known as Wavelink Communications, this latest innovation shows how far the company has come since being formed in 2003. Within 6 months they were recognised as the number one supplier of Fixed Cellular Terminals. 2005 saw the company branch out into the door entry market, becoming exclusive distributors of 2N’s product portfolio, the GSM Door Entry System, EntryCom, was launched with massive success. Two more products were announced in 2006 – Mobility Extension and TXTel.

NeoVoice looks set to strengthen this impressive product portfolio; FCT’s, ME and NeoVoice can be integrated as one piece of equipment, providing customers with an exclusive communications package.

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