‘Sunshine & Sales’ O2 Approved Stockist Incentive rocked by HSC

HSC is proud to announce that its stockists have swept up the top three prizes for the Sunshine & Sales O2 Approved Stockist Incentive.

All O2 Approved Stockists within participating Business Distributor Centre of Excellence partners were set a target of increasing O2 and BlackBerry connections in the second quarter, based on their historic performance. The winners would be the Approved Stockists who beat their target by the highest percentage.

The winners of the competition, which ran from 4 April to 30 June, were all from HSC’s stable of stockists. First place with a £7,500 fully bespoke prize – was won by Offline GSM which went a full 5 fold above its historic performance. The top performing sales person in the winning team, Jo Lankstead, also won an individual prize of a fantastic £1,500 holiday.

In second place with a £2,000 team night out was Bluetone which achieved a healthy > 2 fold rise in its connections, followed by Rainbow Mobile in third place with a 2 fold increase and the winner of a £1,500 team night out.

There were also monthly spot prizes throughout the competition issued by each participating distributor, each worth around £350. Those included a Canon DSLR camera, sunglasses, and a Bose SoundDock.

Bob Sweetlove, HSC business manager, commented on the win: “It is great to clean up on the incentive with the three top prizes going to HSC stockists! This shows that using HSC for O2 and BlackBerry sales gives our partners a chance to win great prizes and to make money. This is because we support our business partners from one end of the sales process by providing high quality, innovative products from the likes of O2, right through to pay out, including our upfront revenue share model for O2.

“We understand what our channel needs; a solid partner that is the safest pair of hands for the channel to entrust with their mobile business,” Sweetlove continued.

Maggie Kennedy, Telefónica UK Head of Partners, remarked on HSC’s clean sweep of the ‘Sunshine & Sales’ O2 Approved Stockist Incentive: “I congratulate all those stockists that did so well on winning our latest incentive. This shows that all these partners are fully behind the converged push.”

Sweetlove added: “Telefónica UK is currently working closer with the channel than any operator does or ever has, and it’s great to be a part of that. Alongside O2, we have created a vehicle to properly reward those stockists that work hard to do business.”

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