Superior store communications for better customer service

Call Systems Technology’s new C3110P supports retailers’ customer service and cost-cutting efforts

Minimising costs and maximising customer service are two ways to combat the twin threats of the economy and competition in retail operations. Call System Technology’s C3110P all-in-one on-site phone and messaging system gives retailers critical advantages in efficiency, cost reduction and customer satisfaction, helping them to survive and thrive despite today’s difficult trading conditions.

Using the new C3110P DECT system and handsets, retail staff and managers can be more responsive to customer needs. The handset incorporates several communications methods; it replaces an ordinary digital cordless phone, two-way radio and pager and acts as a personal alarm too. Providing coverage over an entire store, plus outside delivery areas and car parks if desired, the C3110P simplifies a retailer’s operations and helps improve staff productivity. Staff carrying handsets are continuously contactable and need no other communications device.

“Retailers will only invest in a system if it can be shown to save them money or increase their sales,” says David Barrett, retail sales manager at Call Systems Technology. “This system does both, which is why CST is currently demonstrating the C3110P to several national and local retailers.”

Equipped with C3110P handsets, staff members may initiate instant, discreet communication with other staff and can respond immediately to requests, ensuring customers quickly receive assistance without intrusive loudspeaker announcements.
Key features of the C3110P handset are its large screen, which displays colour coded graphics of alarms and status messages, a panic button, to aid personnel safety when working alone, and a positioning facility so that staff can be located quickly in emergencies.

In cases of accidents, illness or shoplifting, a member of staff carrying a handset can send alerts to all other handsets to enlist immediate help. Subsequently, once the issue has been resolved, a message-cancelling feature removes the alarm simultaneously from all handsets.

Robust, reliable and easy to use, the C3110P carries a full three-year warranty and its long battery life reduces running costs.

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