SureTrack helps manage fuel costs and turn vehicle fleets green

JabbaTalk, an independent telecommunications specialist based in Lancaster today announce the launch of SureTrack, a way for fleet managers to cut fuel costs and operate vehicles in a more environmentally friendly way.

SureTrack is a multi-functional web-based vehicle tracking platform that can monitor fuel use and identify inefficient driving practices – both of which affect MPG. When every company is facing rising fuel costs and pressure to minimise their impact on the environment, SureTrack offers a cost effective way to deal with these two issues.

JabbaTalk Director Andy Betts said “a typical 7.5 tonne vehicle can do as little as 10 MPG. With SureTrack fleet managers can identify erratic drivers, monitor fuel efficiency and remove unnecessary mileage from routes. This can increase MPG while reducing both a company’s fuel bill and their fleet’s CO2 emissions. And with the cost of diesel so high, and the pressure to reduce our carbon footprint so prominent these are significant benefits”.

SureTrack uses the latest GPS and mobile phone technology along with detailed mapping software. It involves installing a compact recording device into a vehicle. The data recorded is accessed securely via the internet meaning a fleet can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

By installing different sensors into vehicles SureTrack offers bespoke reporting so customers can measure what’s important to them. “This means customers can monitor the temperature of refrigerated trailers, pinpoint the location of vehicles to prevent theft or even identify if fuel is being stolen” said Steven Brady, JabbaTalk Director.

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