Survey Reveals Growing Demand for Live Reporting in the Real-Time Enterprise

GoldenGate Software, a provider of high availability and real-time data integration solutions, today announced the results of a recent survey, “Live Reporting in the Emerging Real-Time Enterprise,” produced by Unisphere Research in cooperation with GoldenGate Software and the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG).

The results point to a growing demand for companies to report on data coming out of their applications in real time—a matter of seconds—not weeks or even hours. Across industries, the survey finds that having the ability to report on the freshest possible data about the business provides a competitive advantage.

The survey was designed to measure the scope and adoption of reporting technologies. More than a third of organizations surveyed require reporting of some data on a real-time or “live” basis. According to respondents, one of the challenges with data warehousing is that it often relies on batch-oriented ETL processes for data acquisition, which makes it virtually impossible to provide real-time reporting. As a result, reports are typically run against live production systems, which creates performance issues.

Of the surveyed group, 60 percent of organisations reported suffering from server performance degradation as a result of end users running reports against live production environments. The takeaway—businesses need their reports to run at an optimal level and against real-time data without affecting their database and ultimately their business. In order to gain a competitive advantage, businesses need real-time data to act upon and affect change now—not days or weeks later.

“With increased demand for a real-time view of the business, the survey findings reflect the rapid adoption of live reporting tools that can affect business change as it happens— with 53 percent of respondents agreeing they cannot work with data that is more than one hour old for their key applications,” said Sami Akbay, vice president of marketing at GoldenGate Software. “To run reports against the freshest data possible, batch processing simply won’t suffice. As businesses grow and change over time, real-time data is becoming mission-critical to enabling more flexible reporting, improved performance and a competitive edge.”

GoldenGate Live Reporting is a proven solution that gives companies both a return to better performance on the primary system by off-loading reporting processing demands, and at the same time providing the availability of real-time data to report against. GoldenGate’s Transactional Data Management software platform provides process modules for capturing, transforming, routing, and delivering transactional data in real time across heterogeneous environments.

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