Survey Shows BlackBerry Users Save 60 Minutes a Day

Research In Motion (RIM) has unveiled the results of its latest research it commissioned from Ipsos Reid, looking at the tangible time saving and productivity benefits of BlackBerry.

The survey shows that BlackBerry increases the efficiency of mobile workers, with the average BlackBerry user converting an average of 60 minutes downtime into productive time each day. And for workers on the move, BlackBerry not only increases their productivity, but also that of their overall team, with the research finding that BlackBerry users increase team efficiency by 38%.

As mobile technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, the number of employees working on the move, remotely and flexibly is growing. Recent Yankee Group research found that more than 50% of small business employees in Europe are classified as mobile workers, and as this figure increases it is essential that workers use tools, such as BlackBerry smartphones, to remain productive while out of the office.

BlackBerry increases the efficiency of its users through mobile access to email phone, internet, text messaging, organiser and a large range of applications. Mobile professionals are increasingly turning to BlackBerry for a complete mobile experience, through the use of third-party business and lifestyle applications.

Applications beyond email allow mobile professionals to access information that equips them to make better decisions on the move. The immediacy of BlackBerry enables fast and effective decision making, with the average BlackBerry user processing 2,500 time sensitive emails and 1,200 time sensitive phone calls per year.

Currently, 70% of RIM’s customers use applications beyond email on their BlackBerry smartphones and this number is on the increase, meaning BlackBerry is making individuals and teams even more efficient.

By enabling mobile professionals to make the most of their working day, BlackBerry helps users make the most of their professional and personal lives.

“These figures bring to light the tangible time saving benefits of BlackBerry,” said Charmaine Eggberry, vice president and managing director for RIM, EMEA. “With such clear benefits, mobile professionals can feel confident in choosing BlackBerry for its work/life balance benefits, in order to get the most out of each day.”

The study was conducted with 1,335 BlackBerry smartphone users and 1,387 IT managers in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

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