Switch Communications Launches New ‘Business-Class’ ISP Service Offering

Reseller Switch Communications, a fully accredited Alcatel premium business partner, has announced the launch of its ‘Business-class’ Internet Service – Switch Globalreach – to further support its customers and their networks.

The company believes that by developing its own ISP offering, Switch Communications has created a one-stop network installation, support and management proposition that enables it to set and deliver stringent Quality of Service standards for LANs, WANs, VPNs and Internet connections from a single source. This means customers now only require a single point of contact for all their network connectivity requirements.

Dominic Campanaro, Managing Director of Switch Communications explains: “Our new ISP offering delivers a ‘business-class’ Internet service with high availability and security as well as sufficient bandwidth to ensure voice, data and video communications are consistently available on demand. We call it ‘business-class’ as it is aimed directly at the B2B market and offers a distinct service from more generalised ISPs that serve both the consumer and business markets.”

Switch Globalreach also extends Switch Communications’ network installation, support and management capabilities. Through its close partnership with Alcatel, Switch Communications can install all the network components required in a 21st Century office. For companies with multiple offices, each site can be connected in a secure and reliable manner by InPurple, Switch Communications’ own IP VPN offering. Now, with the launch of its ISP service, the company can offer each InPurple VPN connection a dependable and trusted business-quality link to the Internet.

Dominic Campanaro concludes: “Switch Communications has built a reputation for delivering superior inter-office communications using a secure and affordable IP VPN architecture. It’s therefore no surprise that many of our existing InPurple customers have already made the change from ISPs such as Easynet and BT to our own service now that they know we have the capacity to connect them directly to the Internet. As a consequence we expect Switch Globalreach to go from strength to strength over the next few months as we integrate it into our new project briefs.”

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