Swoop Datacom Introduce Four Modules within ForgeServe

Swoop Datacom have announced the introduction of four modules within the ForgeServe portfolio. The modules can be deployed individually and are fully interoperable. They are designed to make the products’ diverse capabilities easier to understand and to allow service providers, distributors and resellers to adopt the aspects of ForgeServe that best meet their needs.

“This latest development is a response to market feedback, as the product has become more sophisticated the need for a more modular approach has become apparent,” explained John Bennett Managing Director of Swoop Datacom Limited. ForgeServe was introduced to fill a need in the IP market. It is an End to End IP Device Management solution developed from a background in IP PBX and IP Phones and available on a worldwide basis.

ForgeServe was launched in 2015, developed with input from service providers, SIP telephone manufacturers and SKYPE for business vendors and resellers it is now available through distribution partners locally in 11 countries and supports millions of deployed devices and growing rapidly.

The four modules are FS-Connect, FS-Engage, FS-Unite and FS-Acquire:

FS-CONNECT is the Device Zero Touch Provisioning capability within the service. It allows a single pane of glass view of all IP End Devices and manages the entire customer eco-system, providing rapid information on device status and enabling prompt response by system administrators. FS-Connect provides firmware management and comprehensive provisioning logging through a universal interface to all supported manufacturers.

FS – ENGAGE is the ForgeServe device management and monitoring solution. It enables three Management capabilities: Advanced Estate Management, Asset Management and Remote Management. These feature-rich tools monitor and manage any IP device provisioning to the service. Tiers of user management ensure optimum control and white labelling allows personalization. Empowering support teams to manage customer’s eco-systems efficiently and cost effectively.

FS-UNITE enables the system manager to remote manage the devices. The software client application allows comprehensive device management and provides the facility to automatic initiate a network search for compatible devices.

FS – ACQUIRE is the latest module to be developed and is freshly approved and out of Beta testing and in friendly user mode. It is due for full release December 1st 2017. It provides Order Builder capability within ForgeServe completing the cycle from ordering to provisioning management, monitoring and through to end of life. FS-ACQUIRE provide a multi-tier shopping cart facility and automatic and immediate transfer of order details transfer to the seller.

“ForgeServe is a full deployment engine it can be integrated with existing systems to ensure continuity with existing administration processes. This approach ensures that ForgeServe has the capability to view the entire eco system and estate from device purchase to end of life.” Explained David Kirsopp COO Swoop Datacom Limited. “Dividing the platform capabilities into distinct products makes it easier for our customers to select the aspects they need and to integrate ForgeServe at the level that best works for their business” added Kirsopp.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine