Swyx Driving Down Cost for SMEs

Speaking to Comms Business Magazine about the smaller PBX market Marco Creuger, Director Distribution Sales at Swyx commented, “The breadth of functionality that Swyx offers smaller companies compared to rivals is quite substantial, especially newer features such as SwyxMobile which give remote or mobile workers similar communications to their office-based counterparts. With the latest version of SwyxWare, we also include our own secure Instant Messaging as part of the Swyx Compact (less than 10 users) offering, which is a real boon for organisations that are in different locations, whether they are on the road or working from home.”

“Ease of integration has also been important for smaller enterprises that have bought Swyx in the last few months. For example a recruitment company wanted to connect its main communications system with a bespoke database and because SwyxWare is just another application on the network this is relatively straightforward compared with more proprietary systems. Other popular features that Swyx offers that other smaller system packages don’t include call recording and extended call routing and these have certainly helped to win deals for many of our channel partners.”

“Of course, one of the principal business drivers in the current climate is to reduce costs and the advantage of Swyx is that not only can you achieve greater productivity you can also decrease overheads with cheaper communications, in particular with the adoption of SIP trunking. We are also seeing sub 24 user companies select Swyx so they can save money on office space, so that the majority of employees are primarily either home-based or on the road.”

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