Swyx Launch Interquartz Designed USB Phone

IP PBX vendor Swyx has launched a dedicated USB `business class’ handset for use with its Swyx soft client.

The ‘Plug and Play’ Swyx P230 handset, manufactured by Interquartz UK, connects to any available USB port on the desktop PC running the Swyx soft client. The P230 USB handset provides speech communication for the soft phone. Take the handset off hook and it will ‘screen pop’ the soft client application, whilst the call is active the transparent cradle switch will glow red.

The product is built to the same exacting standards of all Interquartz telephones and consequently will withstand the rigors of daily office use.

Interquartz say the P230 USB handset will not require its own Dynamic Link Library (dll), or software installation, it is truly ‘plug and play’. It is compatible with Microsoft USB audio driver and the Windows HID. This enables the Interquartz Swyx USB handset to use the Microsoft written and supported drivers that are embedded in Windows directly.

Interquartz Manager, Charles Williams, commented: “The Swyx P230 handset has been fully-tested and approved by Swyx to carry their branding, which is a testament to the Interquartz reputation for build quality and reliability.”

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