Swyx Target Sub 10-Users with Compact

Swyx has announced the release of SwyxWare Compact adding to its range of pure software-based “business class” IP telephony products. The solution, which is a pure software IP-PBX and will operate on Windows XP Professional, Small Business Server or Windows Server, has been designed to help businesses with less than 10-users to capitalise on the benefits of IP Telephony.

The company says SwyxWare Compact will provide the small business user with a high degree of functionality that was previously only available to larger corporate businesses on Enterprise-level solutions.

Dave Smith, Senior Vice-President of Marketing, comments “SwyxWare Compact is a fully featured pure IP-PBX telephony solution that is not dependent upon proprietary hardware, and is the only product in the sub-10 user market that has been designed as a pure software-based IP telephony system rather than adapted from legacy hardware solutions. The product will allow businesses to enhance their productivity and business efficiency by integrating their telephone system into their existing applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or any CRM or workflow package. It offers unrivalled capabilities and features and is aggressively positioned to help smaller businesses to make an easy choice to adopt IP Telephony”.

Swyx add that being software based, SwyxWare Compact offers numerous value-add features such as call recording, voicemail/unified messaging capabilities, customisable call handling and routing, fully integrated VoIP connectivity and will even run on the company’s existing network and CAT5 cable infrastructure, dramatically reducing operating and installation costs.

Additional benefits to the small business operator include:

Simple installation and administration: being pure software means there is no PBX hardware to install so expensive voice engineers are not required. Also all administration of the phone system can be carried out internally.

Integration with contact management software: integrates with all existing applications such as contact management systems, CRM, billing, and e-mail so that on incoming calls the appropriate contact window of the caller pops up and the contact information can be viewed instantly.

Maximises the availability of key personnel within the company: Remote access via phone or PDA gives instant access to the same phone environment as in the office so the user can make and receive calls, regardless of location, as if they were in the office.

Pool Receptionist resources: all calls can be managed centrally at a particular site and then re-routed transparently to the correct person or to another location such as a home office.

Managing daily telephony expenses – full reporting of telephone activity enables more accurate re-charging of clients expenses quickly and easily without the need to trawl through phone bills, generating invoices automatically with relevant cost codes.

Fax directly to desktop: this speeds up office efficiency by centralising all communication (fax, voicemail, phone and email) and increases professionalism as important faxes are no longer ignored or forgotten at the fax machine.

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