Sybase 365 partners with 2sms

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., the global provider of mobile messaging services, has announced a global partnership with 2sms to extend SMS services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on an instant provisioning basis.

The full service website offers a suite of messaging products and services and combines the functionality of 2sms with the Sybase 365 messaging platform, enabling enterprise customers to register and use SMS to communicate with employees, suppliers and customers.

Tim King, CEO, 2sms, said: “As enterprises continue to embrace SMS as an efficient and cost-effective medium through which to communicate, the service will enable businesses with increasingly mobile workforces to instantly deploy SMS services. Sybase 365’s reputation for delivering mission critical messaging services to the enterprise sector, combined with its deep understanding of local markets and expansive global reach, made it the ideal partner for enabling the growth of the SMEs SMS business.”

The applications for SMS are limitless and current customers of the service include divisions of Unilever, EDS and Alstom Transport; all are using SMS to communicate effectively and efficiently while reducing man hours and costly phone bills. SMS is extended into the corporate IT infrastructure, using open standards (XML) for ease of customer integration.

Howard Stevens, senior vice president for international operations, Sybase 365, stated: “This is a great opportunity for those SMEs that recognise the benefits of SMS as an efficient and cost-effective medium, but had previously been unable to access it rapidly and reliably. The partnership with 2sms creates a pioneering service that successfully addresses the enterprise need for instant deployment, robustness of service and ease of integration into existing IT infrastructures.”

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