Sybase 365 Partners with Opal Telecom to Provide Mobile Messaging

Sybase 365, a supplier of mobile messaging services, has announced a partnership with Opal Telecom – the B2B arm of The Carphone Warehouse Group which will see Sybase 365 deliver a wide range of enterprise messaging services and mobile data products to Opal integration into their portfolio.

“Opal offer a broad range of communication products and services to organisations in areas including retail, travel, media, call centres and credit control,” said Paul Lawton, CEO of Opal Telecom. “Many of these customers have international operations or ambitions and Sybase 365’s global messaging reach and local presence, as well as its direct connections and relationships with global operators, makes it the ideal partner for us.”

Messaging is being used more and more as a means for building and maintaining strong links with customers; for example, informing customers of special offers, timely alerts when contracts are due for renewal, and even helping them to choose new contracts.

“Although messaging is still very much in the early adopter phase within the enterprise space, it is gaining momentum daily,” continues Paul Lawton, “as a leader in the UK communications market, it is important for us to work with an ‘enterprise partner’ and not just a mobile aggregator”.

“Messaging is evolving, becoming more about the application and delivery of business communications tools to customers, and we’re pleased to be working alongside Opal Telecom and The Carphone Warehouse Group to address this challenge,” said Howard Stevens, senior vice president, international operations of Sybase 365,. “Having built up a wealth of expertise in the financial sector, where secured solutions are a prerequisite, we are well placed to help forward thinking companies use mobile messaging to realise real business benefits.

The Carphone Warehouse Group itself extensively uses Sybase 365 messaging services as a communication tool across ten major European countries, as well as in the United States.

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