SYNETY Announces Enhancements

SYNETY is pleased to announce the enhancement of its CloudCall for CallPro CRM integration.

CallPro CRM is a complete cloud-based 3-in-1 Customer Relationship Management system, combining the best elements of call centre software, CRM solutions and marketing automation. CallPro CRM caters to a wide variety of industries and businesses, with many of their customers adopting the CloudCall software.

The initial integration of CloudCall for CallPro CRM was launched in 2013 and provided users with functionality such as click-to-call, call recording and call playback. The new feature enhancements aim to provide users with additional functionality that allows for greater management control and visibility, along with streamlining user processes.

An operational enhancement that has been configured for CloudCall for CallPro CRM is Inbound Screen Pop notifications. Pop-up alerts inform users when they receive calls and also provides links to the customers’ record. Inbound Screen Pops aim to streamline the sales process as customer records are available to view as soon as the inbound call has been popped.

Another new CloudCall feature added to CallPro CRM are supervisor functions that provide the ability to ‘listen’, ‘whisper’ and ‘barge’ calls. This is a reliable management monitoring tool, which delivers greater visibility as it provides managers with an increased awareness of their team’s activities.

Mark Seemann, Chief Executive Officer of SYNETY, has commented: “We are incredibly pleased that our Partner, CallPro CRM, has chosen to enhance its CloudCall integration, offering customers greater access to the available features within CloudCall. This highlights the fact that SYNETY’s telephony solution gives users the right functionality and that it also provides significant stickiness for our Partners, which helps to ensure that they continue to expand our CloudCall capabilities into their software.”

Peter Connell, Managing Director of CallPro CRM comments, “CallPro CRM and SYNETY have a seamless integration which we believe to be unparalleled. The listen, whisper, barge function is a must for a lot of our customers, and we are finding that more and more of our clients are looking for this functionality. By offering the integration with CloudCall we further strengthen our offering as a complete 3-in1 CRM, combining the best elements of call centre software, CRM solutions and marketing automation.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine