Sytel Helps Outbound Call Centres Move out of ‘Catch 22’

In the wake of Ofcom’s announcement of substantial fines for telemarketing companies announced on 30th January 2007, Sytel has decided to re-run its seminar series for call centre managers, aimed at achieving effective dialler performance under compliance.

“Now that Ofcom have shown their intention to fine anyone who works outside their compliance rules, the debate has moved on. For any dialler, compliance is actually easy; the real issue is now about getting effective performance under compliance, and that is what our seminars focus on.” said Sytel’s Michael McKinlay.

“A lot of companies have been working outside of compliance rules for diallers either because of ignorance, or in many cases, because their systems simply do not deliver the goods when forced to work under compliance.”

“For the many users with under-performing diallers, the choice has been stark. Comply with Ofcom rules and see performance levels drop, sometimes substantially, or work outside compliance and risk substantial penalties.”

“No responsible call centre wants to be in this situation, but diallers still have a touch of mystique about them and it was not always clear in the past that dialler investments were going to be at risk, under a compliance regime,” said McKinlay.

Commenting as a long time Sytel user, Neil Perring of BPS Contact Services, part of the Teleperformance Group said; “We have been relying upon Sytel’s predictive dialling product for many years and have always been delighted at the excellent performance we get from their mandatory adherence to compliance. When the Ofcom rules came in, it was business as usual for us, with no loss in performance and no worries that supervisors might intentionally or otherwise breach the rules.”

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