T-Mobile gives customers Euro Broadband Boosters

T-Mobile will launch Euro Broadband Boosters to pay per day and pay monthly Mobile Broadband customers on 1 March.

Customers will have the opportunity to buy a range of Euro Broadband Boosters for online use in the EU, giving them better value, visibility and control of their spending.

There will be a choice of Boosters which will let the customer pick the perfect option for their personal online usage, from a quick email check, to more regular tourist information searches, or urgent downloads. All Boosters are bought through a simple webpage that opens automatically when the browser is accessed in Europe.

The 3MB, 20MB and 50MB Euro Broadband Boosters all last for up to 24 hours from when the Booster is purchased; the 200MB Booster lasts for up to 30 days from when the Booster is bought. The customer’s remaining time or allowance is easily visible through a status webpage letting them check where they are with their Booster credit at any time. This webpage reappears when their allowance or time has expired, to let them buy another Booster if they choose to stay online.

Ralf Pearson, senior propositions manager for mobile broadband at T-Mobile said: “We want customers to be able to get the most from our Mobile Broadband service. As 40% say they want to take their laptop away with them to stay connected, we’re launching Euro Broadband Boosters so they can do this without having to worry about the costs getting out of control. With this proposition, we’re offering these customers a range of better value, worry-free options, built to suit their different on-line needs while they’re in the most popular travel destinations.”

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