T-Mobile launches personalised service for mobile customers

T-Mobile is launching the next stage in its customer service strategy through multi-channelled mobile personalisation.

The global telecoms provider has announced the structured deployment of pioneering VoiceObjects technology across European markets as part of its self service in your pocket customer initiative. This multi channel approach ensures that a useful mix of service channels is available to T-Mobile customers on demand.

The VoiceObjects ‘design once, deploy anywhere’ technology approach is important to T-Mobile’s initiative because it enables the one time development of an application which can run on every available phone channel – voice, video, text or mobile web – the business stated.

As a result, T-Mobile customers will experience a fast, personalised self-service across mobile web, SMS and voice portals, driving the company’s long term strategy of developing a complete self service environment capitalising on the strengths of each individual channel, T-Mobile stated.

“These days, customer self service must fulfil two needs,” stressed Daniel Hendling, program manager at T-Mobile International. “First, the service must be easy and attractive so that the customer wants to use it as a preferred channel. Secondly, we have to optimise efficiency for the company so that ultimately, we can offer affordable services through a range of channels. With VoiceObjects, we have found an ideal technology partner to provide us with a simple, yet cost effective self service architecture.”

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