T-Mobile offers laptop to Mobile Broadband Plus customers

T-Mobile has announced that it is offering laptops to all new 24 month Mobile Broadband Plus customers with unlimited broadband usage for just £30 a month, providing a complete mobile broadband experience (fair usage rules apply).

Mobile Broadband Plus customers will receive an Acer Travel Mate 5320 laptop and a T-Mobile Mobile Broadband Modem, which will mean they have all they need to surf the internet wherever they are.

With super fast speeds, unlimited broadband usage each month and includes T-Mobile HotSpots, Mobile Broadband Plus allows customers to surf the internet. Furthermore, customers will be able to send text messages from the laptop, with 200 text messages included in the price plan.

Richard Warmsley, head of internet and entertainment at T-Mobile, said: “T-Mobile is committed to offering customers everything they need to access broadband, wherever they need it. This latest Mobile Broadband Plus deal, including both the Acer laptop and web’n’walk stick, is the first complete package on offer. Surfing the net has never been easier.”

T-Mobile has evolved its Mobile Broadband service around people’s needs for fast, reliable access to the internet at competitive rates, as a result there has been an estimated 360% year on year rise in customers. This has been achieved by deploying new technology across the network to increase both download and upload speeds, the company claimed.

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