T-Mobile supports UK businesses through tough times

T-Mobile has announced Business 1-Plan, which will offer unlimited calls to UK landlines, as well as unlimited UK texts as standard on 24 and 36 month deals.

This latest tariff for business will also introduce the option of European Shared Call Allowances to its existing service, simplifying the costs of international business communications. These changes ensure that T-Mobile’s Business 1-Plan provides unbeatable value for business communications both within and outside of the UK.

Business 1-Plan users already receive unlimited calls to colleagues on the plan, as well as the option to add on unlimited emails and internet use. The move to add texts to the package enforces T-Mobile’s continued commitment to simplify communication costs for business and offer unbeatable value.

T-Mobile has also taken steps to help UK companies reduce the cost of doing business abroad by including European Shared Call Allowances. Offering shared roaming bundles means T-Mobile is addressing an aspect of mobile usage which can otherwise prove potentially costly for businesses. The option is extremely flexible, providing different sized bundles that can be easily matched according to business need.

The changes are intended to make international communication costs easy to manage and easy to understand. There are no constraints on calls to mobiles, other countries, what network you are on or time of day that calls can be made or received at reduced rates. T-Mobile also simply sends users a text message as soon as they arrive in a country to inform them of what prices are going to be.

Specific improvements for BlackBerry users have also been added to the plan, offering the options of unlimited email in 130 countries on 277 networks as well as unlimited instant email on BlackBerry in the UK.

Oliver Chivers, head of business marketing at T-Mobile UK, commented: “We are very aware of the tough conditions that many UK businesses are currently operating under and we hope these changes will provide them with greater peace of mind and better control over their expenditure. By reducing the complexity and cost of mobile communications wherever you need to work, we are confident that the new components of Business 1-Plan offer the most comprehensive and best value to the UK market. We know that Business customers have other critical priorities which is why we are pioneering clear value without compromising on service.”

Business 1-Plan is available through T-Mobile’s business channels.

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