T484 PBX Launched By Elmeg Targets Small Companies With Growth Ambitions

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications (FEC) has introduced its new modular PBX, the elmeg T484 costing only £275 rrp (£204 trade) with integrated voicemail system, xDSL router, packet filter firewall and professional VoIP capabilities.

The elmeg T484 is designed to meet the needs of small-scale companies that need between two and 12 extensions while offering a diversely scaleable solution for future growth. The basic model offers eight a/b ports, expandable to twelve. A slot is provided for further digital and analogue trunks and end devices while the elmeg 4 DSP module supports VoIP with analogue or ISDN telephones via a SIP provider as well as IP phones.

The company says that as a result, the PBX integrates existing and new telephones seamlessly and transparently and an integrated LCR (Least Cost Router) with gateway support and easy-to-use web interface saves costs.

In addition, a plug-in slot for CF memory cards allows different voice messages to be played for voice mail other applications such as auto-attendant, hotel wake-up calls, or different WAV file music on hold.

The elmeg T484 is equipped for e-mail and Internet access, as well as telephony. A packet filter firewall provides protection against external attacks with preconfigured profiles to protect against the most frequent threats.

For ease of operation, the elmeg T484 displays busy subscribers and allows 2-way intercom and specific announcements on one or more end devices. Conference calls and call forwarding according to line status are also provided and team call signaling modes assist in the configuration and management of workgroups.

The elmeg T484 connects directly to a LAN and with drivers configured for LAN-TAPI and LAN-CAPI, users have access to telephone functions on their PCs. This can be a direct link between PCs with Outlook contact data and the connected telephones or the use of the ISDN channels of the PBX as a fax line directly to the PC. Management can also comfortably access the system directly via a PC connected to the network or via a USB link to the telecom system.

The elmeg T484 and other elmeg products and systems are available in the UK through distributor nXgear www.nxgear.com

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