Tandberg Introduces New Video Communication Server

Tandberg introduced today the Tandberg Video Communication Server, a multi-application network device that includes FindMe, a new call forwarding application that personalizes and unifies business communications. The product also delivers call control and firewall traversal applications that now support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) in addition to H.323.

While H.323 remains the established industry protocol for delivering core video functionality, SIP—gaining in popularity—enables video systems to leverage existing and next generation technologies. SIP is the foundation for integrating with both enterprise and service provider VoIP systems, it supports new features such as mobility and presence, and gives users access to familiar tools such as call forwarding, transferring and holding. As video moves toward the desktop, leveraging these technologies and delivering an increased level of personalization is critical to support user demands.

As the number of employees working from home and on the road grows, so too does the amount of time lost trying to reach someone who could be at any number of possible locations. Previously, when a caller was unsure of where a desired contact was at any given moment, the caller had to dial multiple numbers—video, mobile, home, and so forth—to reach the contact and would likely leave numerous voicemail messages at several locations.

FindMe better enables users to control how and where they are contacted through a simple administrative profile. Users can have their calls forwarded to multiple devices and choose where the call goes if there is no answer or they are busy. This allows callers to dial one number to find a person, not separate devices or separate numbers, bringing a higher level of personalization and usability to video communications by allowing individuals to be easily reached anytime, anywhere.

“Faced with an increasing number and type of communication devices, the Tandberg Video Communication Server helps companies ensure that its employees can seamlessly reach each other regardless of location or communication device in use,” said Fredrik Halvorsen, Tandberg chief executive officer. “It’s about reaching the person, not the device.”

In addition to FindMe, the Tandberg Video Communication Server features Tandberg Control and Expressway applications—extending call control and firewall traversal functionality to the SIP world. By providing transparent communication between SIP and H.323 devices like endpoints, infrastructure and management tools, Tandberg is making protocol irrelevant to the end user and enabling seamless, natural communication. IT administrators now have the ability to enhance existing investments in H.323 devices while providing a clear path for migration to SIP.

Tandberg is currently taking orders for the Video Communication Server with shipping beginning in September.

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