TCL Crowdsourcing brings on demand app testing to the UK

TCL Crowdsourcing has announced that uTest, the marketplace for testing web sites as well as desktop, mobile and gaming applications is now available in UK. The on demand, software as a service (SaaS) solution is already reshaping the quality assurance (QA) landscape in the US for organisations such as Google, Thomson Reuters and Intuit, and is set to do the same in the UK.

Tony Prosser, director at TCL Crowdsourcing, explained: “Unlike hiring additional inhouse QA personnel or signing long term outsourcing contracts, TCL Crowdsourcing enables real world, massive software testing coverage. Bespoke virtual QA teams with appropriate skills are constructed by environment and demographics such as access device type, application rules, firewall settings, geographic location, language, age, sex and more, and deliver real time responsiveness. In fact, a complete test cycle can be run in 48 hours or less. The 18,000 testers in the uTest community are customer rated and motivated by a pay for performance model. A one year subscription to the service typically saves organizations 70%, compared with the cost of hiring one additional QA engineer inhouse.” is one of the first organisations in the UK to use the crowd sourcing SaaS model for testing services. Sagar Vadher, head of IT, explained: “The cost of full time testing staff required for our aggressive delivery times are prohibitive and we were attracted by the concept of testing by a community of real live testers essentially on-tap. It has been very easy to try with the simple subscription or per-project pricing structure and we were not constricted by volume minimums or long term commitments. Two weeks ago, we tested changes made to our payment processing service, and the TCL Crowdsourcing system delivered real time feedback via a secure web platform in less than two days.”

Added uTest CEO, Doron Reuveni: “The uTest crowdsourced testing solution is now available to UK organisations via our strategic partnership with TCL. Not only is software testing being revolutionised by the idea of using a global community of professional testers, but the concept has proven to deliver compelling, real world business benefits. Organisations can now launch higher quality applications, get to market quicker; and accomplish this at a fraction of the costs of traditional software testing.”

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