Team Excell will be entering this year’s Dumball rally to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust

Dave Rogers, Richard Heather and Chris Attwood will be setting off with 50 other cars from Brighton on May 25th 2012, and boldly head for the Black Sea in an unadvisable 2725 mile mission to Odessa, Ukraine.

Unlike its star-studded counterpart Gumball 3000, the Dumball rally is undertaken by teams of up to 3 people, in cars which must be worth a maximum of £400. The cars are modified beyond recognition before embarking on the fund-raising trip. Like any task attempted in aid of charity, Dumball is a challenge, and competitors raise funds through sponsorship for their endeavours.

We’ve taken care of the costs for the the event and to ensure that we raise as much money as possible for the Teenage Cancer Trust, we are begging that you pledge towards one of the items below for the TCT. Simply visit our just giving page, and enter your name and the item

•£1 – £99 makes you a legend

•£100 means that Steven can have bangers and mash at 3am. When you’re having treatment for cancer, you’re not always hungry at mealtimes. £100 could buy a microwave to ensure young people can have a hot meal whenever they need it.

•£500 could help Adam forget about chemo for a couple of hours. This could put a flat screen TV or music centre in one of our units which is vital for keeping young people entertained and mixing with others.

•£750 means Kathryn can update her Facebook status when she’s supposed to be doing homework. Teenagers are still teenagers even though they have cancer. £750 could buy a laptop to keep up with friends or continue to study for exams during time in hospital.

•£1,000 could get James out of bed for the first time in three weeks. Being a young person in hospital can be lonely. £1,000 could put a pool table in one of our social areas so young people can relax and meet others in the same situation.

•£1,500 means Amy doesn’t have to spend her first night in hospital alone. This could fund a comfortable area for relatives to sleep overnight, meaning young patients can have their mum, dad, partner or friend close by during this frightening time.

•£5,000 means Dan can inflict some heavy metal on the nurses. A digital juke box becomes the hub of our units. They encourage young people to get out of bed, chat, socialise and remember what it’s like to be a teenager. £5,000 could put a juke box on one of our wards – though the nurses might not thank you for it!

•£10,000 means that Mark can enjoy Playstation with his mates. Each unit has gaming equipment and with £10,000 we can ensure that the chill out area has all the entertainment equipment a young person needs to occupy and distract them while in hospital.

•£21,000 means that a family doesn’t have to go through this ordeal alone. When a young person has cancer, it affects more than just the patient. Teenage Cancer Trust provides vital support for parents, siblings and friends of young people with cancer.

Many thanks for your support,
Richard, Dave and Chris

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