Tech Data Focuses Reseller Attention on Heathcare Opportunities

Tech Data is putting the focus on healthcare this quarter by publishing a guide to the channel and running a series of promotions aimed at stimulating activity amongst resellers in the sector. The Focus on Healthcare Guide is backed by vendors and will include details on how resellers can position themselves effectively to win business.

Investment in IT across the heath service is rising as the NHS looks to make the anticipated £22 billion of efficiency savings that will be needed by the end of the decade. A recent survey of local digital roadmaps (LDRs), which are being drawn up across the UK to identify where IT investment needs to be made, showed that ERP systems and the sharing of patient records and information are seen as the priorities. A separate report estimated that around 20 percent of NHS organisations may still be using Windows XP as their main operating system.

Kirsty Guy, Public Sector Marketing Manager at Tech Data said: “The aim of the Focus on Healthcare campaign is to highlight some of the areas of potential. We always see a pick-up in activity in the healthcare sector at this time of year, so now is the right time for resellers to follow-up these opportunities and take some positive messages out to market.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine