Tech Data Provides Additional Credit Facility

Tech Data UK is providing more than 4,000 of its customers with additional credit totalling in excess of £150 million to help them maximise their business potential and drive sales growth.

In addition, the company is providing extended payment terms to resellers targeting the education sector with audiovisual solutions, so they can take full advantage of opportunities that will emerge as schools upgrade their classrooms and infrastructure during the summer holidays.

The extra credit has been applied to the accounts of frequent customers automatically, giving them the flexibility to do more business and drive growth with both existing and new customers. The additional credit lines will also ensure that resellers who are focused on the education market, which is now entering its peak summer buying phase, are able to make the most of their opportunities.

The extended invoice payment terms are designed to help education-focused partners, and in particular those selling audiovisual equipment, such as large format interactive displays, digital signage and collaboration solutions, to manage the longer payment cycles that are typical in the public sector. During June and July, where 50 percent or more of verified orders from education are made up of products sold by Maverick, Tech Data’s specialist audiovisual business, payment terms can be extended till September on application.

Andy Gass, Managing Director Tech Data UK and Ireland, says the investment in extending credit lines underlines the company’s commitment to customers. “Tech Data puts the customer first and this is a great example how we are doing more to help them grow their business. The additional £150 million of extra credit we are making available demonstrates our commitment to them and will ensure they can maximise all their opportunities and make it easier to do more business, both with existing and new customers. The extended payment terms will give public sector-focused resellers the chance to maximise their potential in the peak buying period for education over the summer.”

Resellers will be able to take advantage of the additional credit immediately. With more credit available, resellers will be able to consolidate all their ordering through Tech Data, simplifying processes, saving time and reducing costs.

Tech Data has demonstrated its commitment to making it easy for customers to do business with a number of strategic investments in recent weeks. It has made significant enhancements to its InTouch online ecommerce systems, launching a new Marketing Portal and Web Store, and introducing the new Category Stores to provide resellers with simple and cost-effective ways to drive growth, save time and enhance efficiency.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine