Tech Data Ramps Up End of year Microsoft Sales

Tech Data is getting behind a new Microsoft Partner incentive designed to drive software subscription sales in the run-up to the vendor’s year-end on 30 June 2017.

Microsoft has launched a new incentive on the Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) programme under which resellers can potentially earn an extra $50,000 (£40,300) between now and the end of June. The CSP Cloud Power Up incentives apply to Office 365, Dynamics 365, EM+S and Azure.

To qualify, resellers need to make three sales with five seats or more during the incentive period. For Azure, they need to generate three sales of at least $200. If that goal is achieved, resellers will receive an additional fee of up to $75 per seat. (The exact figure varies on each of the products, but full details will be available from Tech Data). Resellers can earn a up to a maximum of $50,000 in extra fees, with a ceiling of $20,000 allowed on any one product.

The incentive is open to managed and unmanaged partners. It gives resellers a good opportunity to migrate more of their customers to the cloud and boosts profits, said Dwayne Earl (pictured), Software Business Unit Manager at Tech Data. “The Power Up scheme is a great incentive for Microsoft Partners to really start driving customers towards cloud solutions and at the same time really get themselves moving with CSP.”

Tech Data has been encouraging resellers that have not yet engaged on CSP to switch their customers across before the end of June, after which the terms related to fees that were previously made to the Partner of Record through the Advisor programme change.

“It’s important for resellers to act”, said Earl. “Under the Advisor scheme, the partner would earn a fee from Microsoft but this and will no longer be the case after June. The preference now is for all sales to go via partners, through CSP, so those resellers who did act as Advisors need to make their move and switch their customers over.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine