Technology Breakthrough set to Redefine Internet Performance Expectations

An independent study published by Broadband Testing has confirmed that UK-based DBAM Systems has made a truly fundamental performance breakthrough for all users around the world.

The study by Broadband Testing concludes that DBAM has reinvented data transfer acceleration with revolutionary techniques that enable any type of data to be accelerated in a way that traditional compression techniques simply cannot achieve. Acknowledging the breakthrough, Broadband Testing has presented its first ever Platinum Award to DBAM for its Exbander Precision (EP) range of devices that combine data acceleration with traffic shaping, load balancing, routing analysis and reporting on a single platform.

Despite efforts to disprove DBAM’s claims, the author of the report, Steve Broadhead, confirmed that the Company’s EP Devices consistently achieve data transfer acceleration rates averaging 10,000:1. This, Broadhead claims, is in stark contrast to contemporary techniques that typically achieve between 3:1 and 100:1 compression (the latter generally being applied to basic alpha-numeric files largely designed to promote results in marketing collateral).

“We tried everything we could to disprove what we were recording, as the results were simply extraordinary; but the technology really works, furthermore it works in any type of everyday application, such as attaching files to emails,” commented Broadhead. “Regardless of the file type we transferred, from .tar archive/zip files to the (already) very compressed MP3 and similar media file types, we achieved data transfer acceleration rates averaging around 10,000:1. I repeat – 10,000:1. This is a truly revolutionary breakthrough that will change the rate at which things can happen in the same way that the Internet changed everything in the first place.”

The Broadband Testing report also stresses that the technology is not simply a technology performance engine, since DBAM has delivered a solution that adopts a uniquely holistic approach to communications. “Whereas traditional manufacturers focus on one aspect of the ‘bigger picture’ such as WAN acceleration, packet shaping, or WAN management,” continued Steve Broadhead, “the EP Series of Devices has comprehensive coverage of all these areas and several more.”

The report reveals that DBAM’s Precision Start suite of integrated reporting and management modules (supplied with all EP Devices) provides startling network visibility, and affords Network Managers an unprecedented opportunity to manage, control, and secure network resources. Indeed, the report points to individual features (such as the DBAM’s ability to report, monitor, and control Instant Messaging activity) as functionality that would stand up successfully as products in their own right.

DBAM Managing Director, Helen Slinger, said, “DBAM is reinventing network connectivity both in terms of raw performance and its User interface, which gives Network Managers unprecedented WAN optimisation control.” Slinger went on to extol the potential impact that DBAM’s technology will have on the Internet community:

“Organisations of all sizes experience bandwidth bottlenecks. Put simply, DBAM empowers IT Managers to manage connectivity as never before.”

In the UK, DBAM products are available through a national network of authorised resellers and systems integrators.

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