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Telappliant Highlight Hosted vs On-Site IP-PBX

Telappliant has published a new whitepaper entitled ‘Hosted vs On-Site IP-PBX – A Guide for SMEs’. The whitepaper explains the advantages and disadvantages of both hosted and on-site VoIP telephony systems, and explores the long-term impact on how each system is run and maintained. It also includes a useful flowchart to help decision-makers determine the most appropriate solution for their business. As business owners become more clued up about the ‘cloud’ proposition education is key. Cost is one of the major drivers but as many resellers inform Comms Business magazine cloud doesn’t always equal a cost saving.

A key decision for businesses switching to VoIP telephony is whether to use a hosted or on-site IP-PBX (VoIP phone system). Hosted systems are operated by VoIP providers as a ‘cloud’ service, whereas on-site systems are physically installed at a business premises. It is important to fully appreciate the many ways in which these solutions differ, in order to make the right buying decision.

Telappliant’s whitepaper provides an indispensable guide to choosing the correct IP-PBX option for your business. It explains how hosted and on-site IP-PBX systems work, and includes detailed lists of the business, technical and financial pros and cons of each. The whitepaper also contains a cost comparison table and a useful decision-making flowchart.

Tan Aksoy, Chief Executive Officer at Telappliant, comments, “The decision to move to VoIP telephony is an easy one. With lower costs and improved functionality, switching makes sound business sense. But deciding which IP-PBX to opt for is much harder – and the answer will vary depending on your situation. Our new whitepaper will enable business owners to understand the fundamental differences between hosted and on-site systems, and help them choose the option that is right for their organisation.”

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