Telappliant implements VoIP system for AngloINFO

Telappliant, the internet telephony provider for UK based small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), has successfully deployed a new VoIP solution to reduce call waiting times, cut telephony costs and improve staff productivity across 25 countries.

AngloINFO is the world’s largest network of websites for English speakers living abroad. The organisation operates 87 regional and national websites worldwide and serves over 80 million page views every month to an estimated 2.5 million users by providing support and information on living in and moving to a new country.

Henry Ayres, Head of Technology at AngloINFO explained, “Our telephony network was running on an Asterisk Appliance PBX system which demanded significant amounts of time and technical expertise to maintain. High call volumes were also causing our landlines to jam regularly. This problem was compounded by the fact that calls from franchisees often lasted for twenty minutes or more. As a result, inbound callers were frequently queuing for long periods or simply gave up. Our old telephony system was failing to support our current needs and future expansion plans so we approached Telappliant for a full review in search of a scalable telephony solution to address our challenges, and to support the growing number of remote employees and international franchisees.”

AngloINFO worked with a dedicated Telappliant account manager to trial several business VoIP solutions and selected the VoIPOffice Hosted package, an IP PBX telephone system hosted entirely by Telappliant in the UK. VoIPOffice Hosted allowed AngloINFO to take advantage of advanced telephony features without worrying about hardware or maintenance costs. It also consolidated their business communications from multiple locations around the world under a single high performance IP telephony platform.”
AngloINFO also subscribed to Telappliant’s Business Multi Plan, which brought together landline and mobile minutes for UK, European and International destinations in one inclusive low-cost call plan.

Ayres adds, “Our organisation now benefits from a VoIP telephone service that effectively supports our business requirements. Telappliant hosts our phone system, so no system maintenance is required on our part and there is always space to accommodate growth. We can also add extra telephone lines as and when we need them. Telappliant provides us with a reliable, cost effective, robust telephony system. It also offers features such as managing incoming calls to eliminate the problem of lines jamming, a virtual receptionist so that every caller is responded to in a timely manner, and automatic call distribution and ring groups to redirect calls when lines are busy. To support remote workers, VoIPOffice also includes features such as follow me, call forwarding, caller ID and voice messages via email. The switch over to Telappliant has allowed to us to offer a more timely and professional service and we are delighted with the results.”

Tan Aksoy, Chief Executive Officer at Telappliant, commented, “VoIP telephony is a telephone system designed to deliver voice communication over the Internet. It’s efficient, fast, reliable and cost-effective – and more importantly it’s seamless for your staff and customers. Businesses should not be frightened by VoIP nor the jargon that surrounds it. VoIP is a simple yet scalable solution that grows with your business, and it can offer a range of phone numbers for various destinations to help you expand your operations beyond your immediate location. Not all VoIP solutions are equal so choose a robust system that offers additional functionality without extra cost.”

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