Telappliant Launches VoIP Services Portal

Internet telephony provider, Telappliant, has announced the launch of its Insight portal, designed exclusively for channel partners to resell VoIP services.

Insight will be available as either co-branded or fully branded versions and will provide a low barrier to entry into the VoIP services market. Each application module will include a fully branded user web portal which will provide up-to-the-minute information for partners’ customers.

Insight provides channel partners with a unique pricing model, based on system usage. Partners are additionally given the capability to terminate minutes with their own carriers, making Insight one of the most cost-effective VoIP solution on the market.

Insight’s multi-tenant capability will enable partners to cater for a diverse customer base. The portal is built on a modular infrastructure which enables partners to select feature modules that complement their business. Application module offerings include:-

Broadband Telephony Module (BTM): Ideally suited for a residential customer base, Insight BTM enables partners to provide single line VoIP services to their customers. Insight BTM’s sophisticated Callback services provide partners’ customers with a number of ways to consume minutes when a VoIP connection might not be available.

Hosted Telephony Module (HTM): Insight HTM has been created for small businesses looking to replace their new or existing telephone system with a hosted version. Ideal for remote workers, Insight HTM provides advanced features such as flexible call routing, voicemail to email, audio conferencing, auto-attendant and queuing which are all easily configurable from an administration portal. Insight HTM offers the unique capability to rate all telephone calls so that costs can be tracked at all times.

Calling Card Module (CCM): Insight CCM provides customers with the ability to run their own calling card services. By providing a comprehensive web-based administration platform, service providers can manage PINs, customer balances, and access advanced services such as least cost routing. Telappliant provides all access numbers, supplies training on CCM as well as comprehensive support cover to ensure the utmost service availability.

Call Shop Module (CSM): Insight CSM provides all the equipment and Internet connectivity required to operate a call shop business. Insight CSM provides multi-user management and comprehensive booth control as well as a daily sales reporting feature, so that partners can achieve full visibility of their operations.

Hospitality Management Module (HMM): This module allows hotels to offer affordable call rates to their guests. Insight HMM provides full room control and the ability to integrate with existing hotel billing applications.

Telappliant is offering a variety of business support packages for its Insight offering, ranging from office hours to 24/7 support services.

Tan Aksoy, CEO of Telappliant comments: “Within the next 10 years, 90% of telephone calls world-wide will be made over high speed Internet links, and we are pleased that we are helping businesses gain access to this ever expanding market. Our close association with major VoIP product suppliers and our diverse range of robust and scalable services puts us in the perfect position to be the UK’s converged communications partner of choice and we are looking forward to being a significant part of VoIP’s growth in the future.”

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