Telcoinabox takes the UK and the World by Storm

New wholesale telecommunications market entrant, Telcoinabox is pulling out all the stops to take the UK and the rest of the world by storm. This week the company, which only opened its doors to the UK a year ago, has signed the largest major wholesale agreement in the southern hemisphere, with Telecom New Zealand – New Zealand’s equivalent to British Telecom.

The deal means Telcoinabox will be the first mobile virtual network aggregator of the W-CDMA network, New Zealand’s fastest 3G network, to provide mobile voice and data services.

“This is an exciting time for Telcoinabox globally,” says CEO, John Pellew of Telcoinabox UK.

He says based on the company’s global experience of more than six years combined with industry trends, mobile and mobile data are the big growth opportunities for the world not to mention Europe.

Switching on to the XT network in New Zealand alone, a country which it’s population is the tenth of the size of Great Britain, will generate for the company more than $400 million over the next two years.

According to John Pellew this connection is expected to appeal to SMEs, associations and communities, resellers and corporations that see the commercial potential in offering telecommunication packages under their own brands to existing customers.

In the UK, Telecoinabox has signed Gamma Telecom (fixed wire and mobile), Opal, Openreach and Tiscali to offer a similar deal to potential service providers.

While the company may be new to the UK, it is certainly an established brand among England’s southern cousins.

The company has great expectations for the UK market and anticipates similar interest being established for the brand.

“We also see a great future in wholesale customers. As companies realise that offering telecommunication services to their existing customers can create an additional profit centre for their businesses, we see ourselves as the ideal network partner.”

Over the last few months, the UK office has signed four new major wholesale customers and two franchisees and there are more in the pipeline. Growth for the company is forecast to reach 100 per cent within one year.

Telcoinabox is a telecommunications wholesaler and franchisor which packages telephony products and distributes them through its wide franchisee and wholesale service provider network.

Established in Australia in 2002, the company has over 120 service providers worldwide which provide telephony services, including fixed wire, mobile, Toll Free, VoIP and broadband to more than 50,000 business and residential customers. The company has offices in London, Sydney, and Wellington.

Today it is known as one of the top 10 telecommunications resellers in the market and is expanding rapidly turning over approximately $80 million a year globally.

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