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TelcoSwitch aims to become a force in the UK communications sector

TelcoSwitch issues warning to the established UC players after launching aggressive partner push to capitalise on growing market.

A dynamic new player has entered the UK communications market, working with enterprises through a nationwide network of partners. Launched in 2015 TelcoSwitch describes itself as an ‘innovative and rapidly growing communications provider, delivering a truly unique approach to unified turnkey open standards hosted telephony’.

The company has announced that it is actively recruiting channel partners in the UK as part of an aggressive growth strategy, aimed at revolutionising the unified communications (UC) landscape.

With a management team with over 20 years of industry experience, TelcoSwitch’s says its services and product suite is delivered exclusively through a dedicated partner program of like-minded businesses. Currently, it is actively on-boarding reselling partners at a rate of three per week, as it targets longstanding and traditional industry players.

As a partner of TelcoSwitch dedicated resellers can access a suite including CallSwitch, SimSwitch, NetSwitch and SipSwitch. The company says the solutions are designed specifically for SMEs, enterprises and governments worldwide and are focused on delivering the exact needs of the user, whether it be for mobile, connectivity or hosted telephony communications, and all supported within a cost-effective framework.

Russell Lux, CEO of TelcoSwitch, believes that the intuitive and simple nature of TelcoSwitch’s platform, combined with the empowered nature of its partner programme, means that it has potential to really shake-up and challenge leading competitors in the UC landscape.

“The communications market is incredibly vibrant and growing because more so than ever organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries are waking up to the business benefits which can be gained by having an effective communication platform installed within their business network.”

“At TelcoSwitch we are no stranger to this – as a team we have over 20 years of expertise, and because of this it has allowed us to create a truly unique and innovative unified turnkey open standards hosted telephony platform. We believe the innovative nature of our offering has the ability to really shake things up and actively challenge market players such as Gamma, by offering users a more rounded and flexible communications platform.

“Our service is delivered exclusively through a dedicated partner program offering a range of partner packages to suit all types of resellers, whether they require a ‘fully managed’ service or they have their own resources to implement our platform to their customers.

“The partners that we work with and are speaking to are incredibly receptive to what we are looking to achieve. Currently, we are actively recruiting partners at an average rate of three per week and while we are thrilled with our initial onboarding, we believe this is only the start. As a business we have no plans to rest on our laurels and have very ambitious and aggressive growth targets to what we want to achieve.”

TelcoSwitch says their telecoms provider partner push comes as more businesses across the UK are increasingly driving change in the way they function and deliver services. According to market research firm IDC, the UC market is expected to reach $38bn in 2016. With further endorsements from PwC predicting a 100 per cent penetration of UC in companies by the year 2020, all of which support a common conclusion that UC is forging an important position in the business sector, and one that is growing briskly.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine