TelecityGroup Announces New Capacity Plans in London

TelecityGroup, the provider of independent data centres, today announces plans to add 21 megawatts (MW) of customer power to its flagship London facility, Powergate.

The new expansion has been planned in response to the growing demand from customers wishing to benefit from the services offered by TelecityGroup’s data centres. Demand continues to be driven by the growth in the digital economy, and by local and international network service providers, content providers, financial services firms and other enterprises. The expansion is expected to be available to customers in phases from 2011, delivering new capacity as TelecityGroup’s existing data centre portfolio in Powergate reaches full occupancy.

The new expansion will add 10,000 sq m of space and take the total customer capacity at the site to 29MW, representing an increase of over 90% in the Group’s total available customer power in London and providing several years of growth at current fill rates.

Michael Tobin, CEO at TelecityGroup, comments: “Given the barriers to entry surrounding the provision of premium data centre capacity in the highly connected city centre locations in European markets, we are especially pleased that we have been able to secure several years of further growth capacity in the key London market, which has one of the highest ongoing demand rates for premium data centres globally. This underpins our strategy of a controlled expansion programme within Europe where facilities are reaching full utilisation.”

As the capacity is being added to an established data centre, there are significant cost and connectivity synergies available. Customers will benefit from the multiple connectivity options already available at the facility, enhanced by the presence of the London Internet Exchange, LINX the world’s second largest Internet exchange. Powergate is already
ISO27001 and ISO 19001 certified for security and quality management and designed to provide customers with highly resilient, energy efficient and secure data centre services.

Adriaan Oosthoek, Managing Director at TelecityGroup UK and Ireland, says: “London has one of the highest demand rates for premium data centres globally, driven by the growing digital economy and increasing trend for enterprises to outsource their data centre requirements to premium operators. The new capacity gives our customers the assurance that their data centre growth plans can be accommodated by TelecityGroup into the future. By expanding Powergate we remove the need to find a new greenfield site, which offers significant benefits in terms of build time, and on-the-ground expertise from our existing engineering team at Powergate.”

In 2009 TelecityGroup added new capacity in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm. In February this year significant additional capacity was announced for Frankfurt. The Group’s total planned capacity has now increased to 88MW of customer power, up from an operational 34MW 24 months ago.

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