Telecoms Dealer Re-Connects with Client after 22 Years

A successful telecoms dealer turned back the clock more than 20 years when he secured a contract to supply a Bristol holiday company with a new communication system. Richard Phillips from Three Cherries Ltd made the original sale to the same on-site contact using the same installation engineer!

In 1988 Steve Berry, MD of Himalayan Kingdoms Ltd, purchased a Panasonic A Series telephone system from Richard, who at the time was an Owner/Director of a local Panasonic reseller. Richard’s trusty Panasonic trained engineer John Hall installed the system.

In those days, Margaret Thatcher was at number 10 and Ronald Reagan was in the Whitehouse. A new house cost an average of £61,020 and a gallon of petrol was £1.67. The Bank of England interest rate was 13% and the English pound note ceased to be legal tender.

Twenty-two years later Steve’s adventure travel company, now called ‘Mountain Kingdoms Ltd’ is moving to plush new offices in Wotton-under-Edge just north of Bristol and required Direct Dialling Inwards (DDIs) and Voicemail features which unfortunately the A Series cannot provide. Steve put the word out that he was in the market for a new system and a commercial removal company, who were offering their services to Steve, recommended Richard.

Steve explained: “It was a bizarre scenario to be effectively going back in time. We both had big smiles on our faces when I met up with Richard after so long.”

Richard is now part of the management team at IT service, support and telecoms specialist Three Cherries, based at Clevedon. They work closely with nationwide telecoms supply specialist Nimans as a key business partner and offer a wide range of the latest communication solutions including the ultra reliable Panasonic KX-TDA15.

Steve was quick to point out: “The A Series has been amazing and has never let us down. In fact the only reason we are changing is because our business requires DDI and Voicemail functionality. When I discovered that Richard was still in the business it was great, like dealing with an old friend.” He continued: “We did toy with other systems but in the end, given the outstanding reliability of the Panasonic A Series and the great features of the new Panasonic system, coupled with Three Cherries’ great reputation, there was really only one option.”

Richard explained: “The Panasonic A Series is known in the trade as an old faithful, a robust analogue communication system. I cut my teeth selling them, they just do not go wrong. To be frank, if it had DDI and Voicemail functionality, Steve wouldn’t be changing it for the new Panasonic KX-TDA!”

Richard added: “The telecoms side of our business is really starting to expand and we very much appreciate the support provided by Nimans, who like myself, have over 20 years pedigree and industry expertise. Nimans’ customer service is the best in the industry and they can be relied upon to always deliver the goods and other support services when we need them.”

Richard has made a note in his calendar to call Steve again in March 2032 to discuss the replacement system! He concluded: “I wonder who will be in No 10 then and what the average house price will be?”

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