Telefónica places an order with NEC for SaaS project

Global carriers are currently driving the expansion of new service businesses through data centres that provide a wide range of corporate and private services while transitioning into IP and broadband connectivity.

NEC contributes to the development of these cloud computing services with its long standing record of worldwide service installation for leading telecom operators and its experience integrating IT and network technologies, including construction of data centers and service platforms.

Telefonica has decided to contract NEC as a supplier of software as a service (SaaS) platform which will provide a variety of innovative services to small to mid sized companies affiliated with Telefónica, one of the world’s largest and most influential telecom operators.

NEC will construct and provide the infrastructure platform for a range of application software targeting businesses and homes via SaaS platforms.

Through this SaaS platform, Telefónica will provide a variety of business application software, such as CRM and asset management tools, as SaaS business for small to mid sized companies. The range of business applications is scheduled to increase in the future.

NEC and Telefónica are slated to jointly expand areas as platform as a service and database as a service, which are valued aspects of the growing cloud computing field, to which the above mentioned SaaS platform evidently will be integrated in the future. Looking forward, NEC aims to capitalise on this opportunity to promote the expansion of cloud computing business for telecom carriers throughout the world.

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