Telegent Systems accelerates the pace of global mobile TV adoption

Telegent Systems, the company that makes television mobile with its high-performance single-chip mobile TV solutions, announced that it has now shipped more than five million units of its leading free-to-air mobile TV receiver, the TLG1100. With volume production shipments beginning less than nine months ago, this dramatic ramp in demand underscores the importance of free and familiar content in driving consumer uptake of mobile TV solutions.

“The success of our solution is based on the ability of consumers to watch the same live, familiar programming on their handset that they view and enjoy in their home,” said Weijie Yun, president & CEO. “It is essential that consumers become accustomed to watching familiar content on their handset before the industry can expect to see significant consumer interest in monthly fee models for premium content.”

Telegent concluded 2007 with the TLG1100 embedded in more than 40 models of handsets, available to consumers throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Telegent has played a key role in fueling mobile TV market growth by focusing on existing broadcast standards such as NTSC, PAL and SECAM in addition to emerging digital standards. By tapping into the existing broadcast ecosystems and supporting both legacy and emerging standards, Telegent has made mobile TV accessible to regions of the world where existing analog standards are the only standards available for mobile TV deployment.

In addition to providing consumers with live, preferred content, Telegent’s free-to-air mobile TV solutions make the existing content ecosystem available to operators for the first time. Operators can use free-to-air mobile TV as a differentiated feature to attract and retain subscribers, and as a platform for increasing ARPU through upsell of premium content, increased use of data network services, targeted advertising and increased SMS traffic.

“We will see innovative monetization models emerge in 2008 as operators launch services based on our free-to-air mobile TV technology,” said Yun. “We believe free-to-air mobile TV will play a significant role in operator strategies for attracting and retaining subscribers.”

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