Telegraph Group Goes IP with Nortel

Reseller Applinet has won a contract from the Telegraph Group to provide a Nortel IP based solution that will equip its reporters in the field with anytime, anywhere communications mobility for video-streaming and multimedia services

“The Telegraph Group required a network capable of providing a wide range of multimedia services that would contribute to the success of our business objectives,” said Peter Green, operations director, Telegraph Group Ltd. “We found the technology we needed, at the right place through Applinet and Nortel.”

Nortel’s technology will provide a highly secure and reliable, high-speed network based on some of the latest technologies for current and next-generation multimedia applications. This includes IP telephony, video streaming and video conferencing to help drive The Telegraph Group’s aim to be at the forefront of multimedia communications.
“The ability to simplify its business through a state-of-the-art solution was critical to the success of the Telegraph Group in today’s highly competitive media market,” said Peter Kelly, president, Enterprise EMEA, Nortel. “Our excellent relationship with Applinet and its credentials ensured we had a compelling proposition for the customer which met the requirements for the Group’s new headquarters. A new network with the flexibility to easily expand to meet future demand plus deliver highly secure and highly reliable ‘always on’ business critical applications was crucial to meeting the Group’s business plan for higher productivity and efficiency for its staff.”

“The Telegraph Group’s new network will be a fantastic showcase example of how an organization can use technology to achieve greater efficiencies and competitive advantage,” said Darren Boyce, managing director, Applinet. “With the development of mobility in the workforce and the need for reporters to be able to communicate anytime, anywhere, the adoption of highly reliable technology to deliver a range of multimedia services will differentiate The Telegraph Group within the media market.”

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