Teleware Adds Resilience to Communications Links

TeleWare, the provider of communications solutions for mobile and distributed workers, has announced what they describe as a major step forward in providing resilience in the network.

Services from the TeleWare hosted platform can be provided automatically with a higher level of resilience than ever before by configuration of each extension, SIP Trunk or SIP Trunk channel to automatically divert if the telephone extension is not able to be found by the hosted platform. The hosted Platform recognises the unit and/or network is unavailable and automatically diverts the call to a predefined number, which can be a mobile, PSTN or any other DDI. Using this same platform intelligence, a complete SIP Trunk or individual SIP Trunk channels can be allocated an alternative route. Traffic will be automatically diverted if the trunk goes down.

This solution is now available as an inherent part of the TeleWare Hosted Communications offering and ensures that calls are delivered to an alternative number if primary network conditions deteriorate.

“This type of resilience is built into enterprise class solutions but this is the first time that any UK hosted platform has delivered this level of functionality across the entire service – as standard and with no additional costs for the client,” explains Nick Reaks, Operations Director for TeleWare Hosted Communications.

Businesses can run into problems in the event of a local disruption. For example, a power outage or evacuation which, effectively, cuts them off from in-bound telecommunication. Traditionally, firms would need to develop costly and expensive fallback positions which require a better technical understanding of the communications infrastructure and constant monitoring to enable a manual switch over.

“This capability is a simple but effective change that means even a small business can have resilience built in to their network design, without incurring any additional costs of duplicated or redundant services,” explains Reaks. “For our partners, there are no major technical changes and the new functionality is available to both new and existing customers without hardware or software modification.”

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