TeleWare Application Suite Enhanced

TeleWare has announced the full application suite of products to build voice solutions utilising technologies including interactive voice response, intelligent call routing and text to speech, with the full capability to interface with third party software such as databases, CRM and other enterprise applications.

The intelligent Application Builder (iAB) suite consists of three products to allow businesses to adopt the solution that best meets the level of voice integration required for the business. All the products in the suite share a common intuitive graphical user interface. Applications are drawn by ‘point and click’ using a set of basic building blocks, each of which has its own individual properties and associated actions. The products also use the core TeleWare runtime libraries to maintain the same high level of compatibility with industry standard PBXs and third party applications.

iAB is used to produce IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and automated attendant routines to present the caller with a menu of choices to ensure calls are routed to the correct destination. This powerful, simple to use toolset is designed to let businesses develop, test and invoke customised call flow and application solutions encompassing intelligent call routing, queuing, messaging and information services and call connection for receptionist assistance. Its wide range of functionality makes iAB ideal for the development of automated routines for simple call routing based on a number of variables such as time of day to enhanced applications such as stock enquiry and product ordering. IVR call flows developed using iAB can also act as a sophisticated front-end to intelligent Contact Centre or to any 3rd party Contact Centre / ACD system.

intelligent Auto Assistant (iAA) product enables intelligent call routing and allows the creation and modification of simple voice response menus, including: spoken phrases, dialling of alternative numbers, transferring of callers to an attendant or users, leaving messages on the voice mail system and creating simple voice forms for collection of customer details.

intelligent Voice Response (iVR) product offers a wider range of functionality needed to build more complex IVR routines. It is ideal for the development of automated routines, from simple call routing based on a number of variables such as time of day, to enhanced applications such as stock enquiry and product ordering. Capabilities supported include the use of Voice Forms for data collection. Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) capabilities can be implemented as part of an organisation’s IVR strategy, so that required menu options and data input may be spoken by callers as an alternative to being entered using DTMF tones from a telephone keypad. ASR features are particularly beneficial in empowering mobile and disabled workers. Voice prompts for callers can be automatically generated using Text to Speech (TTS) technology. This is particularly useful where call flow applications are frequently modified or new applications are implemented, as the need to record new prompts is avoided.

intelligent Developer (iD) provides the ability to take interactive voice response a step further and build voice solutions that are fully integrated into business solutions. Most business processes consist of a sequence of interactions involving the exchange of information between customers, staff and computer based systems. The right integration technology, such as TeleWare’s intelligent Developer, can enable customers to automate this kind of information processing, making it more efficient.

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